Why Choose EDPay

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EDPoints app is a mobile application supported by QR code technology. It is used in both the online shopping websites and the offline merchant’s shops. With EDPoints, you can get whatever you want by just one scan.

Every transaction will just take (1) scan using mobile phone with wifi or data connection.

The app is encrypted to secure the data stored in mobile phones without affecting the app responsiveness and usability.

Supercharge user experience through Loyalty Points-reward points earned when you shop, dine and play.

How It Works

Scan the QR Code from the EDPoints app installed in your mobile phone
Verify the amount of EDPoints then click ‘OK’
Enter Pin
Enter your pin for confirmation of purchase
Rate your EDPoints App experience


Get Awesome Rewards

Earn Loyalty Points from every EDPoints you spent in any of our participating merchants, and use them to redeem gift items, redeem sales and bonus volume in your MLM Business or even convert it into EDPoints.